Litografia Zucchini

We are masters in quality printing services.
With us, problems do not exist. There are only solutions.

Litografia Zucchini

Printing has been our business for over 70 years

Since the 1940s, Litografia Zucchini has stood out for its ability to print with great attention to quality. Today, the same quality is maintained in the printing of magazines, art books, corporate brochures, calendars, cases, catalogs with thread, spiral or stapled, leaflets, folders, flyers and books.

We have been collaborating with the Litografia Zucchini for some time. Fast and on time, with excellent quality in processing, they've always been able to meet our needs.

Gianni SantiZanichelli Editore SpA

The world of chocolate is like the world of fashion, for which the choice of a flexible, precise and punctual partner becomes fundamental, which is why we have chosen the Litografia Zucchini.

Barbara OrofaloMajani 1796 SpA

To Litografia Zucchini, we entrust the printing of the material that talks about us: CEA Estintori, because with them we feel in safe hands, and if we say so, who have made safety our mission, you can be sure!

Patrizia e Rossella AmadesiCEA Estintori SpA

Quality, professionalism and availability. Litografia Zucchini transforms these 3 simple characteristics into real virtues. Virtues that have conquered us.

Francesca NannettiLavoropiù SpA

As President of Unindustria of Circondario Imolese, I have always supported the need for our associated companies to combine the best Italian tradition with the innovation offered by the market, in order to guarantee a bright future for our associates. In over 70 years of activity, I think that Litografia Zucchini has shown that it possesses these two fundamental qualities and is an example for all of us that fills us with entrepreneurial pride.

Marco GasparriPresidente Unindustria Circondario Imolese

Precise, punctual, scrupulous. They're real professionals!

Anna Di MartinoFondazione Cineteca di Bologna

Litografia Zucchini has been serving us for many years, satisfying all the daily needs related to the printing of our advertising materials. Quality, speed, professionalism and attention to the customer are the main characteristics that characterize Gabriele and his team.

Stefano OrsiFAAC SpA

We have been working with Litografia Zucchini for many years. Always on time and precise in processing, even in critical moments such as the launch of new products or trade fairs, they have always been able to meet our needs with cordiality and efficiency.

Ferdinando MoroRavaglioli SpA

Willingness, professionalism and punctuality!

Valentina AmadeiNUPI Industrie Italiane SpA

A long-time supplier, always ready to meet our needs with great professionalism, quality and... a unique kindness!

Luca Pallotti3F Filippi SpA

Printing is more than an art, it's our passion.

Printing is more than an art, it is our passion

We print company brochures, catalogs, calendars, cases, art reproductions, books, leaflets, folders, brochures, pamphlets with the highest quality

We always solve problems, quickly

It's a matter of mental attitude, personal attitude and corporate culture, in seeking the best possible solution through a positive and friendly professional relationship

We are the lithography printing specialists in Bologna, Italy

Over the years, we have developed a series of ancillary services ranging from graphic design to packaging, from personalized shipping to paper working

Technologies and techniques for the most demanding customers

Technologies, together with our craftsmanship, help us to provide a quality product in a short time

We are an Environmentally friendly printer and are members of an FSC® Certified group scheme

Do you want to know which printing solutions we have for your company? Contact us

Tel: +39.051.535350 / +39.335.6834979

Via del Fonditore, 6/2
40138 Bologna, Italy
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